Geoffrey Beene Fragrances – Always in Fashion

Geoffrey Beene was born on 30th August 1924 in Haynesville, Louisiana. Geoffrey is one of the most revered and esteemed American fashion designers. He begun his career in medicine but found his affinity somewhere in fashion designing and he went on to pursue his dream by dropping out. He enrolled for Trap Hagen School of fashion in New York, in the year 1947. After completing his designing classes Geoffrey Beene worked for some renowned fashion houses like Teal Traina and Harmay, in New York and Paris.

Geoffrey Beene initiated his own company in 1963 by the name of Geoffrey Beene Inc. Within no time he added the name of some of the most affluent people of the nation like Nancy Reagan, Lynda Bird Johnson (daughter of former president Lyndon B. Johnson), Glenn Close, Pat Nixon and Faye Dunaway. He also designed the bridal dress for Lynda Bird Johnson.

His designer wrinkle free shirts sell like hot cake and are reported to be number one designer wrinkle free shirts in United States. His creative women’s sports accessories are also known and appreciated around the world. His company’s logo says it all; the GB (two times, GBGB) stands for Geoffrey Beene Gives Back.

He is also a well-established name in the fragrance industry as well. He started his fragrance line of collection in the year 1975. If you speak about the range in Fragrances, Geoffrey Beene’s perfumes and colognes are very popular and still remain in demand. Even today people around the world love his perfumes and colognes. Geoffrey Beene fragrances are made in collaboration with Ron Winnegrad, Andre Fromentin and Michel Gouges.

Grey Flannel for men was launched in 1975. Andre Fromentin is also one that falls in the same line of designer fragrances. The middle notes for this fragrance are of violet, iris, narcissus, rose, sage and mimosa. While the base note includes almond, oak moss, Tonka bean, cedar and vetiver. The top note comprises of petit grain, lemon, galbanum, bergamot and neroli.

The fragrance of this Eau de Toilette is woody. The stage was set ablaze when this fragrance by Geoffrey Beene entered the markets. It took the market by storm. The fragrance of the cologne is fresh, masculine, seductive, magnificent and stunning. Females are pretty much seduced with the fragrance as the scent appears to be very stimulating and sensuous.

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Bowling Green by Geoffrey Been for men was launched in the year 1986. The middle notes are of cardamom, nutmeg, lavender, artemisia, oak moss, lemon, cinnamon, pine tree needles, sage and jasmine for this fragrance. The base note consists of coriander, patchouli, fir, rosemary, sandalwood, geranium, oak moss, rosewood of Brazil, amber and cedar. The top notes comprises of pimento, basil, fruity notes, juniper berries, vetiver, lemon, bergamot and cloves. The fragrance of this Eau de Toilette is woody and spicy. The aroma of this Eau de Toilette is masculine, modern, unique, clean, sharp and delightful. It is an everlasting fragrance. The cologne has the ability to infuse confidence and enhance the personality for men.

Geoffrey Beene’s two marked Men’s Fragrances, Grey Flannel and Bowling Green were personally developed and designed by him. Geoffrey Beene debuted as the first designer to offer men’s fragrances in the United States. Masculine confidence and boldness are always in style, making Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene a magnificently idiosyncratic inflection to a man’s successful lifestyle.

Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene appeals to the sanity with a fresh, clean scent and rugged sensibility instilled with a quest and the spirit of Bowling Green.

Eau de Grey Flannel for men was introduced in the year 1997. The aroma is woody in nature. The fragrance of this cologne is extraordinary, manly and sophisticated. The middle notes are of patchouli, eucalyptus, sage and lavender. The base note includes musk, vetiver and sandalwood. The top note comprises of orange, caraway, lemon, star anise, cypress and cedar.

Geoffrey Beene for women was launched with the help of designers like Ron Winnegrad and Michel Gouges in 1998. The fragrance of this perfume is feminine, corporeal and seductive. This line of fragrance became a major hit as soon as it was introduced in the market and captured the market with its great reviews. The middle notes are of rose, jasmine, geranium and violet. The base note includes musk, oak moss, civet and sandalwood. The top note comprises of bergamot green notes and coriander.

Chance for women another exotic fragrance that was unveiled in 1994. The middle note of special spices makes a great mishmash. The base notes are woody by nature. The top notes are a mixture of rare and special lowers and fruits. The fragrance of this perfume is floral-fruity. The designer bottle itself for this fragrance perfume is very stylish and superb. The fragrance of this perfume is very feminine and beautiful.

Geoffrey Beene is known as the mentor, teacher and his creativity has impressed upon many who had attraction towards style and fashion. When we speak about the American fashion industry, the Council of fashion designers has instituted an annual award after Geoffrey Beene known as Geoffrey Beene lifetime achievement award, as a dedication to the legend. Anna Sui, a well-known fashion designer is anticipated to receive the honor of Geoffrey Beene lifetime achievement award, to mark the debut of this award ceremony which will go on further every year.

Nicole Miller – Mesmerizing Perfumes

Elegant designs appealing to the elitist customer – that is what fashion house Nicole Miller is to the fashion industry. The company is popular for coming out with the best and most beautifully designed clothes for the design elites of America. Like the clothes it rolls out, the company’s Nicole Miller perfumes are as fabulous and as elegant as the other lines of products bearing the brand.

Nicole Miller was the person behind the fashion house. She was born in Massachusetts in 1952. As a home grown fashion designer, Ms. Miller attended the Rhode Island School of Design and the Canmbre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. She started designing her own lines of clothes in 1982 as a freelancer.

Ms. Miller decided to open her own boutique using her namesake in 1986. The Nicole Miller brand was born and started awing and gaining patronage from Hollywood celebrities. The company is written in history as among the pioneer in actively signing icons and celebrities as endorsers and models.

Among the popular actresses and celebrities who have been wearing Nicole Miller clothes are Jessica Simpson, Kim Cattrall, Daryl Hannah, Jennifer Aniston and the controversial hotel heiress Paris Hilton. Call it a marketing strategy, but the technique really worked wonders for the company. In the middle of the 1990s, Nicole Miller started the trend of preferring to have actresses and celebrities wear signature design clothes instead of ramp models.

Thus, Jill Hennessy, Gretchen Mol and Minnie Driver became among the first actresses to ever have roles as actresses- models. On the downside, traditional ramp and fashion models were displaced by the company in print and runway efforts to advertise and promote its lines of products.

Nicole Miller perfumes are equally scheming in its efforts to promote itself and make its niche in the global perfume sector. Like the fashion house designs, the fragrances used non traditional and non conventional means to make its presence felt in the industry. Thus, the fragrances are well distinct and are holding their own spot.

Some of the most popular fragrances from the company include Nicole Miller Women, Nicole, Nicole Miller Perfume, Nicole Miller Men and Nicole Miller Cologne. Tag prices can be as reasonable as two-digit figures reaching to three-digits in some specific lines.

Buying Nicole Miller perfumes has fewer hassles. The items can be readily bought from major retailers and perfumes distributors all around the world. The items are also put on sale though the numerous online shopping stores and electronic auctioneering sites. Tag prices vary depending on the distribution mode. Some online sites offer free shipment.

Calvin Klein Perfume – A Wonderful Gift

You want to buy your wife a gift. Something that she will appreciate. Something that will show her you love her. That you care about her. That she means the world to you. Something that shows her how much you appreciate waking up next to her every morning, every day of your life.

A perfect gift is a bottle of Calvin Klein perfume. Calvin Klein perfume is a top quality line of products. This is because they have a huge amount of experience in the fashion world. Even though their perfume lines are relatively new, their knowledge of all things fashionable, makes a product of theirs an instant success.

But that is not the only reason I am suggesting Calvin Klein.

This article is not to promote Calvin Klein at all, but rather to show where I have found satisfaction within their products.

Many married people complain that their marriage is very stale. Nothing new. The reason why this happens is because when you get married, the newness happens by itself. You walk around with a smile on your face and a song on your lips. The passion and excitement are there, in the air. So you never invest any energy into making things new. You never have to invest any energy. Flowers chocolate and cards flow. You never hesitate to spend money on your lovely wife. But as the excitement fades, so does the generosity and passion.

So what can you do to help your marriage? This is where the perfume comes in. Calvin Klein has always been a hot name in the fashion industry. Their line of clothing and accessories has always been chic and at the forefront of the styles. Their items are displayed at fashion fairs across the world.

But what makes them unique? I believe it is, that whenever you see a Calvin Klein advertisement, it seems to be flirting with you. Their models are young, chic, and smile in a way that looks like they are winking at you. This is the style of Calvin Klein and he has often found himself in the news for the wrong reasons because of this.

There is something about this fashion artists style that makes you feel young and strong. When you smell their line of perfumes, you get the same feeling.

This is why I recommend any of them to be worn by both husband and wife. Wearing perfume in general is a good idea as it makes a statement that I want you to smell me and be interested in me, but also, it shows the other person that you took the time to get dressed for them. Calvin Klein perfume is a great way to accomplish this.

So in a marriage you need both these things. You need to show that you have put in effort for your spouse. But also you need to be young and energetic. To have strength and excitement. To encourage and entice. Keep the spark alive forever and your marriage will be bliss.

Always make the effort to show you care.

Next time you want to buy your wife a gift, think Calvin Klein perfume!

Carolina Herrera – Innovative and Exceptional Perfumes

The contemporary perfume sector is made more alive with the emergence and popularity of 212 Carolina Herrera for women and for men, respectively. Just like many perfume designers that came before her, Carolina Herrera first designed clothes and established her own fashion house before she pursued formulating and designing perfumes to extend the line of the fashion operations.

However, unlike most fashion designers in her league, Carolina Herrera is neither French nor Italian. She is also not American who hailed from New York. Carolina Herrera is an entrepreneur and fashion designer born in Venezuela.

Carolina was so fond of her parents, especially of her father, whom she refers to as among the most handsome men she ever knew. Perhaps, it was this fascination for her parents that made her inclined and interested in designing clothes that would further accentuate good and outstanding physical features.

Having established a fashion designing career and relocating to New York, where she says greater opportunities arise, Carolina established her own fashion house at her namesake in the 1980s. Initially, there have been three flagship boutiques it operated across the globe. The base was at New York on Madison Avenue. The second is at Melrose Place in Los Angeles and the third in Newbury Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

Through expanding its lifestyle and clothing brand, Carolina Herrera is effectively establishing itself and is robustly expanding its presence worldwide. Five years after the establishment of the company, Carolina launched its first perfume called Carolina Herrera, a romantic and very heady blend of aromatic jasmine and tuberose essences.

In 1991, Carolina Herrera for men was unveiled. The third Carolina Herrera was launched in 1994, the very floral and exciting Flore. The lighter counterpart called Aqua Flore was introduced in 1996.

For eleven years after the company was founded, 212 for women, then for men were launched. The scents paved the way for Carolina Herrera to more firmly establish its presence into the global fragrance sector. The perfumes were ready to encompass all her fashion collections.

Aside from clothes and fragrances, Carolina Herrera also offered fashion accessories, cosmetics and other luxury items. A signature color cosmetics line is very much identified with the company. The accessories are beautifully detailed and are comprising of good shoulder and handbags that are at par with the current luxury brands across the global market.

Interviewed once to talk about her success and the outstanding performance of her businesses, Ms. Carolina Herrera said she is proud to provide the kind of intricacy for all the consumers of her products.

Whether it is Carolina Herrera perfumes, clothes or accessories, Ms. Herrera said her brand and her company would never cease to strive setting and reaching standards to provide the best and most loveable products to ever be known by consumers. With that kind of personal principle, it is noteworthy and is very obvious where Carolina Herrera’s success if coming from.

Gucci – The Definition Of Fashion

If you ever take a look at world records, you would see that the House of Gucci has been truly one of the most unique and the leading fashion firm that make a mark globally. To begin with, the company is considered one of the most significant Italian brands of fashion and accessories all around the world. Overall, the company holds the recognition of being the largest selling brand of fashion worldwide, following the lead of fashion group LVMH. The company’s ‘Genius Jeans’ have been listed in the historic Guinness World Records as the brand of most expensive jeans ever.

Gucci colognes and more especially perfumes are most notable. These products for men and for women are sold all over the world through the company’s more than 425 stores and boutiques and several other franchises deal with various department stores and establishments.

Among the brands most popular perfumes are Envy, Rush and Gucci #3. All these fragrance smells are notable and are attention worthy. Thus, it is no wonder that more and more perfume consumers globally prefer the Gucci lines of perfumes. The products are also premium prices, but that fact does not prevent people from continually patronizing the perfumes.

Guccio Gucci, the fashion designer, was born in 1881 and lived until 1953. Following the lead of other fashion designers ahead of them, he realized that he should also help other people. That is why since the company’s inception, there have been numerous initiatives to extend assistance and aid to different charitable institutions.

After the Gucci’s death in 1953, the fashion house was run by other heirs. He had six children, four of whom are males. One of the sons, Aldo, took over some time after Gucci’s death. The turnover was productive and was fortunate. From then on, from being a company exclusive at designing and producing clothes, the brand successfully managed to broaden and expand its business coverage. Now, the company also owns several other important personal products.

To date, the brand is very popular in fashion capitals of the world like New York, Paris and London. Almost all famous celebrities are aiming to own and wear different Gucci accessories, clothing, perfume and other products.

Ralph Lauren Perfume- The Scent Of Money

Ralph Lauren, with his business science education and Army background, is anything but the typical fashion designer. And when he opened a tie shop in 1967, with no fashion design experience, he entered the world of fashion in a most unassuming manner. But he was soon preparing a collection of menswear to complement his ties, the Polo label and the little polo horseman insignia appeared, and the rest is fashion history.

The first Ralph Lauren women’s collection was in high-end stores in 1971, and the preppy Hamptons look was such a success that it is now the basis for everything from sportswear and luggage to linens, place mats, and area rugs, garden and beach equipment, and paint.

By 1973 Ralph Lauren’s talent was recognized enough that he was dressing Hollywood in The Great Gatsby, and later in Annie Hall, and his reputation for creating timeless clothes which will look good for decades, instead of fashion fads, was cemented. And it was in 1978 that he began t introduce his collections of men’s fragrances, beginning with the Polo, and later the Romance and Safari lines. The first Ralph Lauren perfume, simply known as Lauren, also appeared in 1978.

Ralph Lauren Fragrances

Each Ralph Lauren perfume is created with a specific lifestyle in mind, and each Ralph Lauren Perfume is created with quality as its true essence. Lauren, with its flowery and woodsy blend of fragrances, was a daytime fragrance intended for the growing number of professional women in the US to wear to the office. Ralph Lauren Perfume is now available under the Safari, Polo Sport, Style, Ralph Cool and Ralph Hot, Ralph Lauren Blue, Pure Turquoise, and new for 2007, the Ralph Rocks labels.

Ralph Lauren Ad Campaigns

The advertising for Ralph Lauren perfume [] has been as distinctive as the fragrances themselves, with a tradition of giving in-depth glimpses into the lives of those women who use the fragrances. Ralph Lauren has a definite idea of the best Ralph Lauren perfume for each different lifestyle, and the advertising may be his way of helping each woman pinpoint the Ralph Lauren perfume which will be perfect for her.

The Ralph Lauren perfume collections are competitively priced, with prices ranging from $49.50 for Lauren up to $350.00 for Pure Turquoise. Many of the Ralph Lauren perfumes are also marketed in mini-perfume sizes, priced at $12.95. The mini-perfume size is ideal for allowing a woman to sample different Ralph Lauren perfume fragrances until she can settle on the one which is “hers.”

Fashion At The Awards Shows

If you ever saw any sort of Awards show on the television, like the Emmy’s or Grammy’s, for example, you would notice how all of the celebrities are wearing the newest, most fashionable outfits. They are dressed from head to toe in either a glittery gown or a stylish tuxedo. Some dresses and suits stand out more than others. Some celebrities will wear a bright red gown or electric blue tube top dress. They will always wear a name brand outfit, and usually it is custom made to fit their body shape. We almost never hear of the perfume they are wearing, since it is on television and we can not smell the celebrity through the screen. I am sure many celebrities are wearing perfume to awards shows, if not all. They may even be wearing Calvin Klein perfume or Ralph Lauren perfume, perfumes you and I wear on a daily basis. Calvin Klein perfume is so common and yet even the celebrities are going after it.

Awards shows are always fun to watch with a friend of family member. The best part is the fashion critique at the beginning of the awards show. This is when all of the celebrities go down the red carpet and celebrities like Joan Rivers and her daughter, or MTV interview the celebrities and critique their outfits. It is interesting and fun to watch. Some celebrities look so horrible and the critics do a great job at bashing those who look unfashionable. The celebrities walk out of their limousines and show off their outfits. Sometimes they will be asked to turn around, a full three hundred and sixty degrees, to see the entire shape, color, and length of their dress or suit. Usually they are very friendly and will go on and on about their dress or suit and who the maker was.

It is pretty easy to spot a well dressed celebrity, and it is equally as easy to spot one who just decided to wear the wrong thing at the wrong time. I remember there was once a woman at an awards show who wore a dress with which seemed to be a tu tu like skirt and a swan popping out from the side. This was just a little bit strange and I think she was given a lot of criticism for this choice of attire. Actresses like Penelope Cruise and Julia Roberts almost always wear gorgeous gowns. There are actors and actresses who have a distinct and unique sense of fashion and this is shown clearly on the red carpet.

The criticisms the critics give to the celebrities are equally as interesting as what the celebrities are wearing themselves, maybe even more interesting. They will say comments about their choice of fashion and dress and how it is either out of season or out of fashion or even just plain ugly. They are not shy at saying basically whatever they think is right in the fashion industry. These shows tend to be quite amusing so you may want to see the next one coming up!

Calvin Klein Perfume and Bvlgari Perfume – A Look Back

Two of the most famous names in cosmetics today are Bulgari, most commonly spelled Bvlgari. and Calvin Klein, easily identified by the CK logo. They are very unique in the way that they target two completely separate consumers. Calvin Klein appeals to the young professional, while Bulgari’s image appeals mostly to the European middle aged connoisseur.

Calvin Klein, is a designer of all-around fashions. His label can be found on everything, from a pair of jeans, to evening wear, and fashion jewelry. He also has several lines of fragrances. Bulgari, on the other hand sells mostly accessories such as watches, sunglasses, and fragrances.

Born in 1942, Calvin Klein was extremely talented and as a young boy, taught himself how to sketch and sew. Years later he continued studying at New York’s High School of Art and Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. In 1968 he started his own brand that would change the face of American fashion as we know it, for years to come. His name would become so famous, that for years his jeans were known as ‘Calvins’ (

Calvin Klein likes to display the image of himself in his products. Klein was a pioneer as he entered the twenty-first century as a top fashion designer. More than thirty years after launching his line, he was “still appealing to his clean-minded, career-oriented customers.” (Brittanica Concise Encyclopedia via

Satirio Bulgari was born during the 19th century into a family of Greek silversmiths. In the late 1800’s he moved to Italy, and opened his first shop in Via Sistina, Rome in 1884. In 1905, Bulgari and his sons opened another shop in Via Condotti. This is now Bulgari’s flagship store. In the 1950’s Bulgari began to spread across the fashion world, and in the 1970’s they began opening stores internationally, in New York, Paris. Monte Carlo, and Geneva (

Calvin Klein began marketing perfumes and colognes in the 1970’s but it did not work out well for the company. It was in 1981 that Calvin Klein began successfully selling fragrances. They now have many product lines, totalling 21 fragrances for women, and 18 for men. These include Calvin, CK Be, CK One, CK In 2U, Contradiction, Escape, Eternity, Obsession, Euphoria, and Truth. ( Eternity was first introduced in 2004, and has become one of Klein’s most favorable perfumes for women. ‘Calvin’ is their leading cologne available for men. Calvin Klein perfumes and colognes can be found at the cosmetics counters of all your local department stores.

Bulgari began marketing their perfumes and colognes in 1992, and currently have eleven lines of fragrance for sale. These are Aqua, Omnia, The Classics, Petits et Mamans, Eau Perfumee, Black, and Jasmine Noir ( Rose Essentielles is Bulgari’s most popular perfume for women. It belongs to their ‘The Classics’ line. Bulgari fragrances are usually found in higher end department shops and boutiques.

While Calvin Klein and Bulgari may not necessarily be the markets’ leaders as far as perfumes and colognes, they definitely sell extremely favorable, and are very reasonably priced. A nice perfume is a great gift. Calvin Klein and Bulgari can be your perfect choice.

Flowerbomb Perfume – Why It’s Such a Popular Fragrance

Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting of the Viktor & Rolf label introduced their first scent in 2005 which they called Flowerbomb perfume. Like other fashion designers, these two have their own struggles and stories that have contributed to what and whom they have become now.

Both of them were born in the year 1969 and studied in the same school at a Dutch art academy. From their surrealistic approach and style in making and crafting dresses through providing well-motivated concepts and entertaining fashion shows, this is what has marked them out in the fashion realm. More to it, aside from modeling their collections, they also invited renowned artists and musicians to perform at particular shows.

In the year 2005, the Flowerbomb perfume was born and launched in the world of fashion and fragrance industry and was developed by the global company L’Oreal. This enabled them to expand their type of perfume strategy and marketing in the designer fashion empire. When it was released, it became an instant success and created more demand amongst customers. It has become one of the most saleable woman’s perfumes wherever and whenever it is sold.

This luxury perfume is an explosion of floral fragrances with extravagant scent that provides women a glamorous and sumptuous feeling. This creates a wild sensual ambiance; even a small application awakens your senses. Basically, it has an oriental fragrance with a feminine composition and a fusion of flowers including refreshing green tea, bergamot, freesias, patchouli and centiflora roses as well as the enchanting and blooming jasmine and orchids with a sensual aroma of sandalwood. Its fragrance notes gives the perfume a moderate and flowery whiff that is very much suited for all skin types and recommended for casual wear. With its deeper sense and elements of bouquet floral scent due to the harmonious blending of its notes, it provides delightful and head turning fragrance.

The Flowerbomb has another version that was released a year after it was initially launched. The Flowerbomb Extreme was introduced to the market in 2006 – the Extreme version is a stronger and more intense fragrance than the original scent.

The perfume’s bottle was styled and designed in the shape of a grenade but its designer fashion house described it as a multi faceted diamond. The fragrance also comes in different editions with eau de toilette spray, eau de perfume spray, and eau de perfume splash mini.

Storing Outdoor Sports Equipment

Fishing tackle and bicycles must be two of the most difficult sports to store equipment for. They are not particularly big or heavy, but do take up a certain amount of floor space. Fishing tackle and bikes both need keeping dry too which make outdoor storage impractical unless you have a shed or another form of outbuilding.

What makes storing them more difficult is the fact that both past times come with more accessories than you could shake a stick at. How do you organise all of those nuts and bolts or rig tying bits and pieces. Not only is it a case of storage though, you need to be able to get at them easily, easier the better in fact especially with bicycles.

I love cycling but everyone must have had that feeling where they know they should go out but really can’t be bothered. If you’re in one of these moods and your bike is right at the back of the shed that’s your ideal excuse not go out! You need your bike to be easily accessible you will be far more inclined to go out on it.

Although the same applies to fishing tackle, it’s not as important as with bicycles. I have yet to be put off going fishing by the idea if having to dig out the tackle from the back of shed. Having said that though if it were more accessible it would certainly make the process a whole lot easier, in terms of packing the care and then on return storing the equipment.